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Drones in Australia

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Hi, New member here, just flown three times but have had my Mavic Air 2 for some months now. As I'm within 5.5km and under a flight path to Coffs Harbour airport, I have to travel some distance to practice. Have found a country sports field/showground where I am welcome. Have watched many utube videos, follow Russ (51Drones) and some others, but as yet haven't seen much in the way of Oz experienced flyer content. Looks like you have an interesting community here 😀

Greg Smith
Dec 14, 2020

Hi Noel,

Good to meet you mate! I've only been flying since about Feb this year, and have just recently obtained my drone pilots license and ReOC with the hope of earning some beer money in the near future. I have an Inspire 1 and a Mavic Air and both a great pieces of kit. The Mavic was far more capable than I expected when I purchased it and have had some great fun. I highly recommend looking the rules up on the CASA website and use Ok2Fly, that way you know what the right things to do are.


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