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Drones in Argentina

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I would like to apply for drone registration in Argentina. I am registered in EU and United States. I visited the CAD site and I couldn’t complete the application form because i don’t have Argentina address and the work category doesn’t apply to me. Please advise how to complete the form.

Jul 25, 2023

Hi @William Lin thanks for asking us - It seems that you have to select the Aeronoautical Personnel Profile type

Here's more info (in Spanish) about profile types. Alternatively if this doesn't work, they advise users to contact I hope this helps a little more.

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I am a certified Canadian drone flier and I spend my winters here in Mendoza. I brought my drone with me last year and did some minimal flying as I was not totally sure of the rules here in Argentina. I tried to research the latest rules over the past summer, but there is so much contradiction about the laws here. I finally wrote to the Government and they were quite helpful and directed me to the website with all the info I would need. Only 1 problem, my Spanish is terrible and couldn't make heads or tails of the process. I would have to take some kind of test online, again in Spanish. Needless to say, I left my drone at home this year.

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