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Sep 16

You're read us well, drones can also plant trees! In Myanmar, drones have been used to plant trees and after a year experimenting, first results can now be observed. The seeds are now little trees of
Sep 11

In the Northern Territory of Australia, it sometimes can be hard to reach thanks to the wet season and the lack of infrastructure keeping this place as one of the most unspoiled on our planet. Since
Aug 2

Here's another cool use for drones around the world (although we would prefer it never been needed in this case). The national park of Kaziranga is located in India and facing the growing issue of poa
Jul 1

We've looked at the recent accusations from the USA onto Chinese made drones as a major threat for the industry and global expansion of the market. DJI also took the accusations seriously and anticipa
May 1

French firefighters welcomed a couple of new team members to fight the devastating fire that burned down Notre Dame de Paris last 15th of April. They used a Mavic Pro and a Matrice M210 to cover the f
Apr 23

5 years ago, Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) said that Amazon will undertake drone deliveries in the USA. Unfortunately, the deadline predicted by the boss has passed and well, no Amazon drone deliveries i
Apr 15

We've waited long enough and so here it is!! Game of Thrones, Season 8 has finally arrived. The most anticipated final season of any show in television history starts today, and it promises to be e
Apr 1

Recently the Bahamas announced its wish to purchase 55 drones through the Ministry of National Security to help search and rescue operations, mapping post diaster sites & border control. The acquisiti
Mar 20

Its been a few months delay now but there seems to be some exciting news happening lately.. Last 12th of March (1 week ago), the European Comission adopted a regulatory to the operations of Unmanned A
Mar 15

Just read an article about how drones might 'save' an US Military Aircraft Carrier by bringing military drones closer to their combat zone. To me, this is a lost debate as eventually drones will becom
Sep 16

Not every country is lucky to have the adequate infrastructure for its citizens to reach hospitals. This gives a formidable drive to test and implement cost effective solutions. At Dronemade, we serio
Aug 21

To all Spanish members, be aware the Spain's police is now targeting bad drivers from above. Initially set to look at high accident rate spots, it may expand quickly to highway controls and other moni
Jul 18

Do you guys live next to the sea? There are incredible animals in there and while its not always easy to see or find them, drones have turned out to be an amazing tool to spot some of the most beautif
May 8

Last Saturday, King Maha Vajiralongkorn's coronation was held in Bangkok. He is the only living son of the previous king who ruled for 7 decades! To celebrate this important event, the ceremony featur
Apr 23

On Tuesday 4th of December, the Police Department of New York City (the biggest in the US) announced the addition of a drone fleet to help local operations. The local force, will have up to 29 officer
Apr 23

The G20 in Buenos Aires just finished on the 1st of December 2018 that Forward.com reported that a cyber defense program hired by the government of Argentina to prevent the assisting head of governme
Apr 9

Drones are storming into Kenya’s energy sector. In the last 12 months, Chinese contractors & the local Electricity Transmittion Company (Kengen) used drones to set up high voltage power line on pylons
Mar 21

Who would have thought 5 years ago to see drones flying over the Iceberg & 🐧penguin colonies? We bet you tell this to anyone in the street today, your friends will still have this face 🤔 Indirectly
Mar 19

This eventually had to happen one day, Cambodia is currently looking at setting up some ground rules to fly a drone within its territory according to Mr. Sin Chan Sereivutha, Spokesperson of the State
Mar 11

Forgot to pay your parking meter for a few minutes.. or park where you shouldn't have & thought no one will see it.. I was used to the good old policeman 🚓 making a tour around the neighborhood to ch