Aug 6

Thx for welcoming me !


Hello all !

I'm Bernard, french guy flying a Parrot Anafi.

I'm living in Tahiti half of the year, and in France the other half.

I never travel without my bird, and I'm fond of all kinds of footage.

Bienvenue @Bernard! Love this part of the world and you're blessed with local scenery. We're about to study some of the French Polynesian drone rules and make some new blog posts about each island.. Do you have any feedback on these? Is it much different from France's drone rules? Also, would love to see some of your pics up here one day.. how lucky living in paradise 6 months around..

Thanks a lot ! I'm for the moment in France (it's "winter" in French Polynesia !). But I will try to post some interesting pics and footages.

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