May 30


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Hi there Bro's and Fro's!


My name is Louis and I am from South Africa.

I recently purchased my Mavic Pro.

I am leaving for Europe on Friday 31st May for a travel to +- 10 countries.

follow me to see where i have been and what i have found!


I then head back to SA and on the 29th of November i leave SA for good.

I will be travelling to Vietnam where i will stay for as many years as i can.


You are all very welcome to make contact and follow my travels.

I will especially appreciate making contact with guys and gals from Vietnam.


I cant wait to get snapping!

Keep it real Ya'll!

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa


Welcome to the community @louis , how exciting is this!!! You're going to love it especially that you're going during the nice season. @santiago, @tomo, @marcel & @ajhinsight have mentioned being to Vietnam. We've been there as well, here's a video of our travels there.. Wonderful scenery!

It would be great to catch up during your trip and maybe we could do a little interview to feature your trip in our next newsletter if you want? Looking forward to see the photos coming out from it!!

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