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Apr 27

My name is Paul & I'm this guy that didn't count his hours to bring up Dronemade alive. After browsing online for days, I realised there wan't what i needed out there yet, real life people , looking
Oct 9

Sep 20

buenas tardes, soy Joaquin Barreñada, vivo en Bargas , Toledo, España, mi dron es un Mavic 2 Zoom y vuelo normalmente en recreativo, adelantar que mi nivel de ingles es "distingue" pero manejo perfect
Aug 28

My name is Steve, i live in Perth Western Australia. I own DJI Mavic Pro. We're leaving for a holiday in Europe and I'm taking the Mavic with me to hopefully acquire some beautiful footage and photos
Aug 6

Hello all ! I'm Bernard, french guy flying a Parrot Anafi. I'm living in Tahiti half of the year, and in France the other half. I never travel without my bird, and I'm fond of all kinds of footage.
Jun 3

Hi there Bro's and Fro's! My name is Louis and I am from South Africa. I recently purchased my Mavic Pro. I am leaving for Europe on Friday 31st May for a travel to +- 10 countries. follow me to see w
Feb 21

Hi, first I apoligize that my English is not fluently. I'm from El Salvador and love to take pics from the above, I hope to learn a lot of all of you, Love my country and love to fly the sky!
Oct 27

Hi Guys, Me and my boyfriend will travel this january to Oman as first destination for our worldtrip. We are applying for a permit, so hopefully we will get it. Does anybody have experience with apply
Oct 3

I'm Jan from Germany. I have been owning a Tello since about one year and purchased a FIMI X8 SE this summer. I'm quite content with both, though my pilot experience is not very comprehensive yet. I j
Sep 19

Aug 6

Jul 18

Apr 29

Hello, Everyone, My name is Robyn William and i am a new member of this community. I was searching about traveling and i got this forum. So, I decided to sign up it to be a regular member of this comm
Feb 19