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The case of a restaurant about to change the Swiss drone laws...

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Its seems obvious that when you go to the Swiss Alps high in the mountains, you expect the calm and scenery that goes with it. You're in seek of the bells of the cows and the voice of other hikers walking on the other side of the valley..


Unfortunately for the Aescher restaurant's guests, all this is over thanks to the establishment's amazing location just below a cliff, yet above the Appenzell Innerrhoden valley making it a wonderful and spectacular view for all. But this is when troubles come, combining a great scenery with an easier access place is usually always a good recipe for unaware drone pilots to get this shot they've seen over Youtube.



Swiss drone laws are extremely clear, as you shouldn't fly closer than 100 m to a group of 24+ members without their approval. In this case, the laws might not be fully adapted as indeed most pilots would fly away from these 100 m limit but the echo from the cliffs amplify dramatically the noise from the propellers disturbing every other guest's lunch and dinner.


The restaurant has called its local council to ban drones over its boundaries, we believe its a shame that dialogue is closed and would like to get your thoughts here? There are a few of our members from Switzerland, it would be great to get your inputs on this story to see how we can prevent it elsewhere as this will become more and more common scenes.

That is a hard one, I can imagine how annoying it can be if you are trying to have lunch in a beautiful place like this. But, I would love to fly my drone over that gorgeous landscape!

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