Jan 29

Drone insurance


Hi there! Does someone of you have a drone insurance for damage? How much do you pay and is it worth it?

I was thinking of make an insurance beacuse I will use it for a couple of journeys this year and it could may be useful.



Jan 29

Hey @Leon Riener this is a good question that I'm trying to solve as well as some companies will not cover all countries I go to & others don't seem to accept all citizenship. So I guess the first question to ask is what is your nationality. If UK or US.. then most agencies should accept you.


If not, then I recommended recently to @Stanly to check these guys out https://www.coverdrone.com as they say to cover worldwide.. I haven't got any return yet from them so if anyone has some info it would be great to share the feedback here in prevision of a larger post later on.


Where do you wanna go to fly this year?

Maybe we could gather some info to complete the countries' guides with an insurance section.

Feb 18

Hey @Leon Riener , did you get any closer in your research? This week I'm intending to look at all offers online & publish a guide based on their answers. So far, I've about 10 companies in mind but all are specialized in different categories/countries so will try to make it clearer for all. Wondering if you had fine something suitable on your end in the meantime?

Feb 28

@Leon, not sure if you're still looking but I've just sent a survey to 30 drone insurers to ask them all the questions & be able to display results in an easy manner for us.. Hope this will help.. should be ready by 15th of March 👊

Hey! Sorry I totally forgot to answer. Meanwhile I made an insurace for damage at a Swiss insurance company called "Simpego". Unfortunately you can only get insured if you live in Switzerland.


My conditions:

- 1 year insurance

- 43.- CHF bounty (Swiss Francs = exactly the same worth as US dollars)

- Sum insured: 1100.- CHF

- For my Mavic Pro Patinum

- Deductible: 50.- CHF

- Wear is not insured

- Worldwide (very important, who wants to film only in one country)

- If they replace it once, the insurance is dissolved


I think for 43.- CHF it's a very good deal. But I guess it's different in every country.




Mar 25

Hey @Leon Riener , just wanted to thank you and tell you first that your feedback inspired me to do a complete travel section to compare drone insurances & offer links to the platforms. If you know any other ones or hear from your mates any local ones.. please share them so I can add them.

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