Jul 31

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  • We are really excited to welcome more members from all around the world everyday! With over 1,000 of us scattered in 94 countries around the globe, we are proudly "culturally different" and welcome feedback from all's experiences. To celebrate, we opened a members only luve chat allowing one to speak directly to another without any restrictions and its free! Join us!
  • Its been a while that many are asking us what is the best drone for their use and the truth is that we don't know. In fact, you're the only one able to choose rightfully and this goes with knowing what you're after and what you will do with your drone. Well since last week, you can now browse reviews over 50 drones available on the market. We've made sure to list them based on criteria we would use ourselves such as category, budget, brand or even location (it matters for some countries how much your drone weights). Each review goes into details about what is great and not that cool about each drone along a more detailed description below for you to know it all before getting onto it! Each review also links towards a sale's link (usually Amazon), helping to keep Dronemade free for all drone pilots around the world. More drones and categories are in the pipeline and will be added as we dig into this endless tasks adding ever more information for you. Check out the Gear Space now!
  • You've probably noticed our new stylish #logo and brand identity on the website last week. Its been a few weeks of reflection and long term thinking but we wanted to represent #drones AND imagery without falling into a cliché. The result, a simple yet stylish square and a new #slogan for unity and #community "Our world, seen from above" This was a much needed upgrade that has been set to serve several purposes while keeping it easy to identify for aerial content buyers. We hope you like it as much as we do!