⭐ Dronemade Milestones

A space to always keep in touch where we come from. A drone community, culturally different!

Nov 3

We are really excited to welcome more members from all around the world everyday! With over 1,000 of us scattered in 94 countries around the globe, we are proudly "culturally different" and welcome fe
Jul 31

We have a lot to share and want to make sure you can find our content, anywhere, anytime! And who knows.. #dronemade might become the new trend 😉 #tagus Now sharing on Facebook Instagram Linkedin Yo
Jul 23

Our Drone Laws Maps are probably your most valuable resource. Listing over 150 countries drone rules and best practices no matter where you are around the world. Backed up by you and our community, wh
Feb 28

Yestrday, 10 pm Helsinki time.. Dronemade got its first international recognition with our drone rules map thanks to NORWAY TODAY. As shared in the newsletter earlier, it belongs to all of us now in
Oct 4

Its been a while that many are asking us what is the best drone for their use and the truth is that we don't know. In fact, you're the only one able to choose rightfully and this goes with knowing wha
Jul 31

You've probably noticed our new stylish #logo and brand identity on the website last week. Its been a few weeks of reflection and long term thinking but we wanted to represent #drones AND imagery
Jun 3

You've read well! Today we are welcoming @nataly, our 500th member and also first member from Cambodia! It is a great pleasure to welcome all of us in one place to exchange tips and how to's when it c