Upair One

All you need to know about
Upair One

✅ What's great about it!

12 Megapixels camera
Smart flight programs

🚨 What's not that cool...

Not waterproof
Poor take off/landing
Wind sensible

But also...

When out fishing, a powerful camera comes in very handy and that’s what Upair One Drone offers. It brings on board a 2.7k video camera that has 12MP for still images. The drone literally allows you to watch the waters from the sky and even go close to the water surface. Running for up to 18 minutes and having speeds of up to 12m/s this drone will get the work done. That is courtesy of its 5400mAH battery. The 1000metre range turns out to be quite commendable. It allows you to fly into the sky and take a look around your fishing ground and get to the right spot. Auto-return is one of the most important features to look for when choosing a drone. The Upair One comes with impressive auto-return features including a Return To Home button, lost control auto return and low battery fail-safe feature. Whatever happens, the drone will find its way back to you. This features take it to the next level and together with the powerful camera, it is quite a great deal.

Upair One