Holy Stone 170

All you need to know about
Holy Stone 170

✅ What's great about it!

Great for beginners
Good control
Can perform stunts

🚨 What's not that cool...

No camera
Short battery life
Need to purchase AA batteries

But also...

This quadcopter has some amazing features that really make it fun to fly, and simple to control. This agile drone can perform flips, and tricks, but also has a camera to take aerial videos and pictures. What makes this quadcopter great for kids, is its durability. It comes with prop guards, and landing feet that cushion rough landings. The prop guards are curved, so they also protect the quadcopter from ceiling impacts.

Though this drone is relatively inexpensive, it has a great durable build quality, and has three different flight modes for to suit both beginner, and experienced fliers. The drone also comes with replacement blades; in case you break one through intensive flying.

The removable battery takes about 30 minutes to charge, and you can expect an average of 8 minutes flight time per charge. We suggest that you get extra batteries, so you can keep flying.
This quadcopter has a headless mode, which makes it easy for first time fliers to get the hang of the flight controls.

This is one of the best drones under 50 since this quadcopter offers many features for a low price. It is tough, and will withstand crashes and impacts, which a beginner pilot is more inclined to experience.

Holy Stone 170