All you need to know about

✅ What's great about it!

Kid friendly
Easy to transport
Nice design

🚨 What's not that cool...

Short battery life
Not suited for outdoors
Much cooler at night

But also...

Your adrenaline level in the body can rise when you notice you have lost one of your most adorable drones in the space at night. This drone is quite expensive and losing it in a low visible area can cause a lot of headaches. Fortunately, the introduction of Bright LED Quadcopter has helped a lot since it is fitted with several led lights that are very bright on the blades. In a low visible sky like a night, it will be easier to trace it. The colors from the bright LED lights make the drone to look appealing and compelling for any person who is a drone lover. The drone has super-fast speed and it is suitable for outdoor entertainment than indoor. The drone is designed in a way that it can flip 360 degrees in the sky and also perform an amazing 3D stunts. It is very simple to control the drone while in the space since the manual is very direct and simple to comprehend. The batteries are quite unique and they can sustain the drone in the flight mode for a very long period of time. These drones happen to be the best gifts for children during their birthday or Christmas period.