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#1 We're droners too!

"We know how much you've sweated to get this shot! " You've probably woken up early, studied hard, climbed a mountain or rented a motorbike while asking locals directions.. We get it, in fact we 💕 it! 

#2 No engagement & its free!

Whilst we ask you to avoid selling it cheaper elsewhere, we understand you need to maximise your chances & offer it via your own website for example. In fact, if you have a cool vid, you can share it in the Forum & we might feature it!

#3 We're fair

We give you a fair return on our selling price straight back to you. It is that simple. Sell your aerial imagery twice, three, four times & that's as much back into your pockets to carry on your passion. "We're here to make sure this works for both of us" 👌

#4 You sell in confidence

To help you shoot the best ones out there & keep it right, we've built the 1st 🌏 Drone Rules World Map to help you identify what you can/can't sell. We've also invested in your artwork's safety with no right click technology & watermarks until sale 🔐

#5 We share to the world!

Simply upload for the world to see! We attract clients from the 6 continents ("we don't sell to 🐧", yet) via our trusted partnerships. We're continuously gathering new clients eager to discover your talent!

Paul Rawlingson

lives in: Sydney, Australia.

Paul is an international award winning drone photograph. He specialises in landscape and nature aerial photos and videos.



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Once becoming a contributor, you will be able to sell directly via Dronemade your aerial photos and videos. 

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It's free, fun, with no engagement and helps you keep track of your content at all times!

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